12039038_10152962783081191_5325405506846398625_o.jpg[Also see my LinkedIn Profile.]

I am a son of God, faithful to the Magisterium of His Church. I am also a committed husband and father to my wife and two daughters. I strive to pursue excellence by working towards becoming the best version of myself, which means putting God first in my life, and letting Him direct my path.

I am a theologian with experience working for parishes, high schools, and young adult groups. I currently reside in Mt. Pleasant, MI as the Director of Student Outreach for St. Mary University Parish on the campus of Central Michigan University. My educational and professional background has focused on the New Evangelization, Theology of the Body, liturgy and Church architecture, Sacraments, apologetics, catechesis, and parish administration. I have experience teaching on various Catholic topics in large and small groups.

I am also an artist with several years experience freelancing. I am proficient in pen & ink, colored pencil, oil, graphite, photography, and digital media. I am familiar with and regularly use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Lightroom, Mac Photos, and office software on both Mac & PC Platforms. I have knowledge of Adobe InDesign and Adobe Premier.

In my personal life, I am an avid athlete who enjoys most team sports: football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, ultimate frisbee, frisbee golf, etc.

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