Kneeling Before the Majesty of God

I just gave a talk on Eucharistic Adoration for Sacred Heart Church of Gladwin, MI and St. Athanasius Church of Harrison, MI.

Kneeling Before the Majesty of God: Eucharistic Adoration by Casey Truelove


  1. In answer to how many times a day someone may receive Holy Communion: Canon 917 implies a max of twice.
  2. Around 12:45, I mention that there is no Eucharist in Protestant communities, especially because of their rejection of the sacrificial aspect of the liturgy. In that comment I mentioned King Henry VIII and the Anglicans (along with Lutherans). I meant to refer to Calvin and Luther as ones who explicitly rejected the Mass as sacrifice. Anglicans have their own reasons for lacking a valid Eucharist and among them is rejecting transubstantiation, but I’m not sure Henry VIII actually rejected either transubstantiation or the sacrifice of the Mass (it appears that later Anglicans were the ones who rejected those).

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