January has been a very busy month for me with teaching and visiting with family, so I haven’t gotten to much blogging, but I wanted to highlight a few things I thought worth sharing:

  1. My wife started a blog: Nourish to Flourish. It’s all about traditional foods and healthy eating practices for the fullest in physical human flourishing. This is a great place to find information on food that’s good for you and actually tastes really good. We eat a traditional diet (lots of meat, saturated fats, fermented foods, veggies, fruit, etc.). She is trying to post every other day.
  2. My friend and co-worker, Tom Perna started a self-titled blog as well: Tom Perna. Tom and I share a passion for helping the average Catholic adult to understand his/her faith. He hopes to be posting about twice a week.
  3. I just made friends with Cristóbal Alamanza over at Austin Catholic New Media. He runs the Williamson County Young Adult Group. He’s asked me to guest write for ACNM. This is exciting because I now have more incentive to sit down and actually get some writing done!
  4. That being said, I also wanted to let you know that I’ve begun writing a book. I don’t have a title yet, but the book is going to be about looking at the Mass and how all of its elements are designed to draw us closer to God. I plan to walk through many elements of the Mass and consider which options tend to be the most conducive to allowing us to transcend our day-to-day lives and recognize that we’re being drawn into the presence of God Himself. As I finish sections of this book, I hope to post them up here to share, and to discuss/refine my writing (comments welcome).

Hopefully this will all lead to more posts here on PCV, but for now it’s back to grading tests.

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