Opening Post

Greetings from a new blog. Some of you may have followed my old blog over on MSN; some of you may have read my notes on Facebook; some of you may have just stumbled across this blog. I hope to (continue to) inspire all readers toward a greater love for the Truth and assist them all in pursuing it. I write from within the heart of the Catholic Church–the only institution that God Himself has established, the only institution with a divine backing to guarantee that Her doctrines comport with the Truth of reality itself. Truth and reality find their source in God. The Catholic Church is inspired by God to know Him and present what it knows about Him (and consequently, all of reality) to mankind so that men will have a better understanding of how things really are. The Church also is charged with sanctifying and governing mankind to help men be more conformed to God and hopefully to be united with Him in eternal happiness. In this venture, I wish to be a beacon, pointing the way to the Truth by commenting in unison with the patrimony of wisdom which the Church has cultivated over the past 2000 years. Out of love for my fellow men and love of the Truth, I wish to present what I know about the Truth, so that all may share it as a truly common good.

God bless you,
– Casey Truelove

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